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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rising prices does affect everyone.

    Due to the rising prices of different commodities, we have been re-thinking about how we spend our hard earned cash. We cannot live without food, but the wasteful expentidure and be cut back, if not completly eliminated. We go shopping once every three weeks or so and purchase most of our groceries. Rising prices of gas has forced us to cut back on our excursions to bare minimum. No one is immune from the effects of rising prices. At such hard times, we have to take a hard look at our cash inflow and outflow to determine where we can save so that we can have a soft landing when the crunch time comes. There is not much wrong with our economy and most of this price rise is due to external facors. But this crisis has forced us to look at alternative options. Alot of people are going back to simpler lifestyles. But nothing so drastic here. We might start off by getting solr panel sooner or later. Having an electric vehicle is a good option for commuting short distances within the city. It's not only pollution free, but also is more cost effective. Hybrid cars are still to expensive and are not really ready for mass production. Car pooling does help in checking wasteful expenditure a bit. I guess we all have to get used to high prices and adjust our lives according. But try to adjust your lifestyle a bit, make a few changes and maybe it won't hurt so much. Try renovating your house so that it uses less energy and your energy bills will come down drastically.