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Friday, June 13, 2008

How superstitious are you?

    Well today is Friday the 13th and I do not know how my day will turn out. Sure I may be a bit superstitious but I honestly cannot remember anything bad happening on this day. It just another day for me and I usually just go about my business as usual. Such is the fear of the 13th number is this 13th number is usually missing from many building and sometimes there is no house number 13. I hardly ever give it a thought, unless someone points it out to me and fills my head full of ideas of all the unlucky things that might happen on this inauspicious day.

    paraskavedekatriaphobia is The fear of Friday the 13th. The origin of this number dates way back to the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The Last Supper had thirteen people seated at a table which resulted in the death of Jesus Christ. The day on which Jesus Christ was crucified was Friday, and since then it has been viewed both positively and negatively.

    I really do not know how disastrous or 'fateful' the combination of Friday and the number 13 have been, but these two items really have kept the people thinking and worried for centuries. All I know is that it's another day for me. Since I do not believe in this superstition, I personally just ignore it and not anything is done about this particular day to ward off the evil effects. Unlucky things do happen with people, but not because the effect of this number and day combination. So stop worrying about it. Any day can be lucky or unlucky.