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Monday, June 23, 2008

Gone cell phone mad

    Sometimes I really wonder why a lot of people spend so much time on the phone. Look anywhere and you will see either an earpiece sticking in the ear, or else they will have a phone glued to it. I really do not have a clue why they do this. I have a cell phone that I use only for convenience and emergencies.

    I really cannot figure out why the average person walk around with a cell attached to their ear for hours on end. Professionals who need to stay in touch either with each other or with clients are one thing ... average person is another thing.

    I sometime really wonder if there were no cell phones, would people still be willing to walk around with a phone booth attached to their hip just to be able to talk to someone all day? Would they be willing to talk to each other any other way or are they just addicted to it?