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Sunday, June 29, 2008

First impressions

    When meeting new people, I have this habit of watching their facial expressions, body movements and listen closely to what the other person is saying. It is a great learning experience and helps me in getting to know the other person better. I can usually size up a person within minutes. I like to rely on intuition about people when I meet them and usually I am right. Facial expressions, body language, and speech can all give a person away. A person conveys a lot of information thru their body language and facial expressions which is not available thru other means. I think we all judge others based on the first impressions automatically. Sometimes, I have to revise my opinions of a person at a later stage, since I have been wrong maybe a couple of times. But this does not happen very often. Usually we are not very open to second or third impressions since first impressions make a lasting impact on most of us as it tell us a lot about the other person. But this is not always the case. A person who looks or acts like a snob might really be just a normal person who is just putting on a front for some reason or other.
    I am rather shy person especially when it comes to attending a gathering of people that I do not know at all and I really hate to draw attention to myself unnecessarily. But I warm up rather quickly with people I am familiar with and don't mind to be at the center of attention with people I am comfortable with. Because of this change in behavior, some people interpret my shyness as being vain and conceited as in I don't want to talk with them. Knowing that I myself am very prone to giving the wrong first impression to some people, I'm try to be open minded and sometimes give a person a second chance just to give them the benefit of a doubt, even if I did not like them the first time around.
    Try not to judge a person by the cover because then you might lose an opportunity for a great long lasting friendship. So try to be a little open minded when meeting new people.

      1 Comment:

      Ritabadita said...

      So how does this apply to people you meet online? You cant see their facial expressions, how do you know if they are being real? Obviously people can feed you any line of BS when hiding behind a computer, so what are your general rules when it comes to people online?