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Saturday, June 28, 2008

A blast from the past

    Strange are these days indeed and some things in life never ceases to amaze me. It seems that John McCain has received an endorsement from the unlikeliest quarter. It looks like the Vietnamese ex jailer - Tran Trong Duyet who states that he held John McCain captive for about five years as a POW, now all of a sudden considers him a good friend and if he was eligible, would probably cast his vote for him.

    But it seems that Tran Trong Duyet seems to have either forgotten what went inside the prison walls or is trying to push it all under the carpet, since these old prison camps were nothing better than torture chambers. He is constantly insisting that nothing of this sort ever happened and everyone is lying. Reams and reams of data has been collected mentioning the trauma and pain the POWs went thru, but it was constantly brushed aside as nothing but fictitious material. At times medical attention was purposely delayed and prisoners were put in solitary confinement in an attempt to get the prisoners to reveal information. Many former POWs claim that they were repeatedly bound, beaten and tortured by their captors. Many of them still suffer the lingering physical pain from it even after so many decades.

    As of now, relationship between two countries have normalised and the friendship was highlighted when Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung's met President Bush at the White House very recently. But the trauma is still there. Just scratch the skin a bit and the old wounds will reopen. It was a very difficult time for the service men and their families. Alot of people went thru either mental, physical trauma or both. The minimum that can be done is admit that it was done, give a formal apology and get it over with. At least this way the past can be put behind us and both countries can move forward without any excess baggage. It looks very stupid and silly denying something when there is so much documentary evidence stating that horrible things were done at the camp. No one is going to take Tran Trong Duyet seriously at all, since it is apparent that he is just pushing the party line and not being honest at all. Just by stating that Tran Trong Duyet considers John McCain a good friend and would vote friend doesn't mean that the feeling is recipocrated. There is probably alot of hard feeling still there. In alot of such cases, the past usually troubles the ex-soldiers for a long time. But time has moved on and it is about time that we mend our fenches. There was alot of blood spilled on both sides. Nothing can bring back the lost ones or remove the pain and suffering that still goes on.

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      Teresa said...

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